To use this model, you need to download and install the FISHNETS COEXIST software, which is available here. Currently the FISHNETS software is available only for the Windows operating system


The model will be available for download in late June 2013.

Welcome to FISHNETS

This page contains a link to download the version of the FISHNETS simulation model developed for the FP7 project COEXIST partners.

FISHNETS is a tool designed for management of aquaculture, and impact on wild fisheries and conservation. The version you are using is a specific application  for the COEXIST project, funded by the European Union's Framework Programme 7, and results from a collaboration among IMAR (Portugal), CEFAS (U.K.), and IMR (Norway).

FISHNETS is a screening model, aimed at farmers and managers, which uses four screens to evaluate:
(i) Biosecurity aspects  of siting a new farm
(ii) Vulnerability of a particular species to disease
(iii) Optimization of culture practice