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General description

The information presented here is generally taken from the published literature, and is to be used strictly for consultation. Please respect fully copyright of materials shown.There are data and links regarding statistics, data tables, information for teachers and students, and general interest material in oceanography, marine management, marine pollution and modelling.


Oceanographic projects, topics and lectures


Seawifs project

The Jason project

LOIS: Land-ocean interaction study

The Ocean Planet

U.S. National Estuary Program

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Tides and tide generating forces

Australian glossary of tides

NOAA glossary of tides and currents

MMA - Chemical oceanography lecture notes

  Reports and data

Gulf Coast Estuaries EPA report

USGS San Francisco Bay water quality database
San Francisco Estuary Project


Aquatic Ecology Academic Press on-line Aquatic Botany
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Electronic Journal Reading Room Ecological Modelling
Estuaries Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science Hydrobiologia
Journal of Marine Systems Limnology and Oceanography Marine Chemistry
Marine Ecology Progress Series Marine Pollution BulletinNature
Ocean and Coastal Management Science


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Amazon U.K. Varsity BooksAmazon  U.K.
Amazon U.S.A.BigwordsGreymatter U.K.


Data tables

Automated unit conversion engine

Oxygen saturation in estuaries and seawater

Latitude/longitude to UTM converter

Ascii character table

Tides for Lisbon in the first quarter of 2000


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Correlation coefficient significance tables

Standard integrals and more

The Integrator - Automatic integration!


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