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Carrying capacity and impact of aquaculture on the environment in Chinese bays

INCO-DC contract Nš ERBIC4CT 98-0291

The partnership which carried out this work included three European and four Chinese laboratories, and Dalhousie University in Canada, which was sub-contracted to IFREMER. The partner institutes are shown in the table, together with the name and contact of the lead scientist from each.

CREMA - IFREMER - FRANCE Cedric Bacher (coordinator)
Plymouth Marine Laboratory - U.K. Tony Hawkins
IMAR - Portugal João Gomes Ferreira
First Institute of Oceanography -China Zhu Mingyuan
Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute - China Tang Qisheng
Second Institute of Oceanography -China Ning Xiuren
Shandong Mariculture Institute - China Mou Shaodun
Dalhousie University - Canada Jon Grant

The consortium carried out fieldwork, laboratory and in situ experiments and numerical modelling on two bays where shellfish aquaculture plays an important role in  the local economy.

Jiaozhou Bay is a 400km2 bay adjacent to Qingdao (pop. 6 million), a very busy port in Northern China, and Sanggou Bay is a smaller system (140km2) further to the north, dedicated almost exclusively to polyculture of shellfish and seaweeds.

First workshop, Qingdao, Dec. 1998

IFREMER coordinated the project as a whole, and the First Institute of Oceanography of China was responsible for coordinating the work carried out by the Chinese partners. The project management was carried out by a steering committee which was composed of the lead scientists from the different teams.

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