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Carrying capacity and impact of aquaculture on the environment in Chinese bays

INCO-DC contract Nº ERBIC4CT 98-0291

The work carried out in this contract led to the following publications and presentations

 Scientific journals

  • Hawkins, A.J.S., Fang, J.G., Pascoe, P.L., Zhang, J.H., Zhang, X.L., Zhu, M.Y., 2001. Modelling short-term responsive adjustments in particle clearance rate among bivalve suspension-feeders: separate unimodal effects of seston volume and composition in the scallop Chlamys farreri. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 262, 61– 73.

  • Grant J., Bacher C, 2001. A numerical model of flow modification induced by suspended aquaculture in a Chinese Bay. Can.J.Fish.Aquat.Sci., 58: 1003-1011.

  • Hawkins, A.J.S, Duarte, P., Fang, J.G., Pascoe, P.L., Zhang, J.H., Zhang, X.L. & M.Y. Zhu, 2002. A functional model of responsive suspension-feeding and growth in bivalve shellfish, configured and validated for the scallop Chlamys farreri during culture in China. J.Exp.Mar.Biol.Ecol., 281: 13-40.

  • Bacher, Grant J., Hawkins A.J.S., Fang C. , Zhu M., Besnard M., 2003. Modelling the effect of food depletion on scallop growth in Sungo Bay (China). Aquat. Living Resources, 16, 1, 10-24

  • Nunes, J.P, Ferreira, J.G., Gazeau, F., Lencart-Silva, J., Zhang, X.L, Zhu M.Y. & Fang J.G., 2003. A model for sustainable management of shellfish polyculture in coastal bays. Aquaculture, 219/1-4, 257-277.

  • Duarte, P., Meneses, R., Hawkins, A.J.S., Zhu, M., Fang, J. & J. Grant, 2003. Mathematical modelling to assess the carrying capacity for multi-species culture within coastal waters. Ecological Modelling, 168, 109-143.

Theses and other publications

  • Gazeau, F., 2000. An ecosystem model applied to an aquaculture site: Sanggou Bay (China). DEA Thesis, University of Liège/Universidade Nova de Lisboa (supervisor: J.G.Ferreira)


  • Ferreira J.G., 2001. Keynote address: Application of ecological modelling for sustainable aquaculture in developing countries. 4th Gulbenkian Autumn Meeting/1st Portuguese Meeting on Theoretical and Computational Biology. October 2001.

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