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Carrying capacity and impact of aquaculture on the environment in Chinese bays

INCO-DC contract Nš ERBIC4CT 98-0291

Welcome to the website for EU project Carrying capacity and impact of aquaculture on the environment in Chinese bays, funded by the International Cooperation with Developing Countries (INCO-DC) program.

The general objective of this project was to model and define the carrying capacity for sustainable development of aquaculture in Chinese semi-enclosed bays - e.g. the maximum number or biomass of cultivated species which can be cultivated in a zone without decrease of the yield and environmental deleterious effects, taking into account constraints due to cultivation practices.

Shellfish longline culture in Jiaozhou Bay

The project focused on three specific objectives:

  • To improve scientific knowledge on the interactions between aquaculture and environment in coastal areas, including the interactions between different types of aquaculture or exploitation of natural resources, with an emphasis on polyculture.

  • To establish models that predict the carrying capacity for aquaculture and its resulting impacts according to different types of aquaculture in different environments.

  • To provide scientific information and recommendations that facilitate sustainable aquaculture management.

The work documented  in this website was carried out under a 36 month contract, from November 1st 1998 to October 31st 2001, by a consortium of research institutes from the European Union, China and Canada, coordinated by Dr. Cedric Bacher from IFREMER. The catalog listing for the project is available here.

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